Just Released: Marsh & Volk Updates

The publisher has now released the 2010 update to Marsh & Volk, Practice under the California Securities Laws.  Therefore, be sure that you check to see that you have an updated copy.

A couple of years ago, I joined Roy Finkle as a practice consultant to this work.  Roy was a friend and protege of the late Harold Marsh.  Professor Marsh is a legend among corporate and securities lawyers in California.  I only had the opportunity to meet Professor Marsh briefly late in his career.  He was a co-draftsman of the Corporate Securities Law of 1968 as well as the California General Corporation Law.  Robert Volk has also passed away.  He was one of my predecessors at the Department of Corporations (Here is a listing of former commissioners).  He also played a key roll in the enactment of the Corporate Securities Law of 1968. 

Practice Under the California Securities Laws is a three volume treatise.  Because of the roles played by Professor Marsh and Robert Volk, "courts afford great deference to their treatise when interpreting California securities law".  Kamen v. Lindly, 94 Cal. App. 4th 197, 203 n.2  (2001) cited with approval in Apollo Capital Fund, LLC v. Roth Capital Partners, LLC,  158 Cal. App. 4th 226 (2007).