Does A Party To A Contract Owe A Duty To Disclose An Intention Not To Renew?

Huy Fong Foods, Inc. makes Sriracha pepper sauce and for nearly three decades Underwood Ranches, L.P. supplied the peppers for Huy Fong's sauce.  Although the parties operated under written agreements for the first decade of their relationship, they...

When One Party's Professional Decides The Sufficiency Of That Party's Performance

Often parties to a contract will agree that a third party will make the final call as to whether an obligation has been performed or an amount to be determined post-closing.  In California, it has long been held that the parties may agree that the...

Why Ask For An Opinion That A Contract Has Been Delivered?

California Civil Code Section 1550 provides that only four elements are "essential" to the existence of a contract:

Contractual Latin

Many terms associated with contracts and contract formation are of latin origin:

A Not So Strange Stranger In A Strange Land: Holder Of An Economic Interest May Be Liable For Tortious Interference

Out of Exodus?

In This Case, "Termination" Means "I Won't Be Back"

Terminus was the Roman deity in charge of boundaries.  At the end of the old year, Romans would celebrate the festival of Terminalia in his honor.  The English word "terminate" is derived from this ancient god's name.  

California Supreme Court Applies "Rule of Reason" To Section 16600 Claim

Section 16600 of the California Business & Professions Code provides that except for certain statutory exceptions "every contract by which anyone is restrained from engaging in a lawful profession, trade, or business of any kind is to that extent...

Something You May Not Think About When Choosing Another State's Law

California courts generally will apply Section 187 of the Restatement Second of Conflicts of Laws when deciding choice of law questions.  Nedlloyd Lines B.V. v. Superior Court, 3 Cal. 4th 459, 465 (1992).  Until now, it hasn't been known whether a...

In This Case, The Contract Had No Beginning

Known for the elegance of his Latin, French humanist Marc Antoine Muret observed "que Graece Latineque sciat, is, quocunque terrarum venerit, apud plerosque admirationi erit (and whoever knows Greek or Latin, wherever in the world she shall go, will...

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