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    Drinking May Have Dethroned His Reason And His Gaming Debt

    Suppose you had just lost a $1 million gambling in Las Vegas.  The wise thing to do would be to stop, but you don't.  The house accommodates you by extending another million dollars in "credit" for which you sign markers.  Unfortunately, luck is not...

    Nevada Supreme Court

    Nevada Supreme Court Won't Allow Advisory Mandamus Escape Hatch

    In Archon v. Eight Jud. Dist. Ct., 133 Nev. Adv. Op. 101 (2017), the Nevada Supreme Court provides a concise explanation of the uses of mandamus and administrative mandamus as escape hatches from the final judgment rule.  The background of the case...

    appeal, extraordinary writ, Nevada Corporations, Advisory mandamus, Nevada Supreme Court

    Does Assertion Of Business Judgment Rule Waive Attorney-Client Privilege?

    Nevada, like California, has codified the attorney-client privilege:

    Nevada Corporations, NRS 49.095, Nevada Supreme Court, advice of counsel, attorney-client privilege, Attorney-Client Privilege/Work Product, business judgment rule, Limited, NRS 78.138, Okada, waive, Wynn Resorts