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    Shakespeare And The Impeachment Of Justice

    The word "impeach" is much in the news of late.  It is of Anglo-French origin and originally meant to hinder or impede.  As discussed in this post, the first English impeachment in Parliament dates from the fourteenth century. 

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    Impeachment In California

    The Founding Fathers did not invent impeachment.  The procedure was largely copied from English precedent dating to the reign of Edward III.  In 1376, the so-called "Good Parliament" under the leadership of Peter de la Mare impeached the King's...

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    Why The Right To A Jury Trial May Depend On The Year

    Yesterday's post discussed the Court of Appeal's holding in  Nationwide Biweekly Administration, Inc. v. Superior Court, 2018 Cal. App. LEXIS 541, that a defendant in a civil proceeding by the Department of Business Oversight for statutory penalties...

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    California Bill Deadline Is Today

    Former New York Surrogate Gideon J. Tucker would be happy today.  Pursuant to Joint Rule 61(a)(15), today is the last day for California's legislature to pass bills.  Today, also marks the beginning of the legislature's interim study recess (Joint...

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    Removing Elected Officials For Libelous Or Slanderous Statements

    In recent years political smearing and outright lying have come to dominate campaigns in California. Candidates are spending less and less time discussing important issues and their own qualifications and more and more time telling falsehoods about...

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