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    Internal Affairs Doctrine Blocks Indemnity Claim

    Section 78.7502 of Nevada Revised Statutes broadly authorizes, but does not require, a corporation to indemnify its directors, officers, employees or agents.  NRS 78.751 requires the corporation to indemnify directors, officers, employees or agents...

    Nevada Corporations, Nevada Revised Statutes, internal affairs doctrine

    Court Finds Nevada Corporate Law To Be No Bar To Alter Ego Claim

    The gist of an alter ego claim is that that there is no separation between the corporation and its owners.  As a result the distinct personality of the corporation may be disregarded and the shareholders held to account for the corporation's...

    Nevada Revised Statutes

    The General Corporation Law That Doesn't Exist

    Consider the following excerpts from recent filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission:

    Nevada Corporations, Nevada General Corporation Law, Nevada Revised Statutes, NRS