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    Real Estate Fund Advisers And Penumbra Registration

    Last August, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted amendments to Form ADV, the form used by investment advisers to register with the SEC and with the states.  Included in these amendments were changes to allow multiple private fund adviser...

    private fund, real estate fund, Form ADV, Investment Advisers, Investment Company Act, Section 202(a)(29), Section 3(c)(5)(C), umbrella registration

    More On Real Estate Funds And The Investment Advisers Act

    In a previous post, I began to delve into the question of what is a "real estate fund".  See SEC Staff Reports On “Real Estate Funds”, But What Exactly Are They?  As noted in that post, a "real estate fund" as defined in Form PF cannot be a company...

    private fund, regulatory assets under management, Rule 203(m)-1, Investment Advisers, Investment Advisers Act, qualifying assets, Section 3(c)(5)(C), securities portfolio

    SEC Staff Reports On "Real Estate Funds", But What Exactly Are They?

    Yesterday, the SEC staff announced that it had published a suite of new data and analyses of private fund statistics and trends.  These data include information with respect to "real estate funds".  But what exactly is a "real estate fund"?  The...

    private fund, real estate fund, SEC, Form PF, Investment Advisers, Section 3(c)(7)