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    Bylaws And Supermajority Board Voting Requirements

    Yesterday's post concerned various provisions that, although not required to be included in the articles of incorporation, must be included if they are to be effective.  One of these provisions relates to supermajority voting requirements:

    Section 307, Corporate Governance, Section 204, board of directors, Bylaw, quorum, supermajority

    Getting To The Point On Director Elections

    Last week in The Mentor Blog, Broc Romanek mentioned a blog posting of mine from September 2015: Was This Director Duly Elected Or Appointed?  My post was concerned Intelligent Digital Systems, LLC v. Beazley Ins. Co., Inc., 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS...

    Corporate Governance, board of directors, comitia, duly appointed, duly elected, insured versus insured, Intelligent Digital Systems v. Beazley, NRS 78.335, Section 305, vacancy

    Calling All Stock Certificates

    Last week, Broc Romanek's Mentor Blog addressed the question of what to do about outstanding stock certificates following a reverse stock split.  Today, I'll weigh in with a California perspective.

    Corporate Governance, board of directors, dividend, order, reverse stock split, surrender certificates, voting