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    Home On The Grange

    As a child, I was always puzzled when I saw a Grange Hall.  Was Grange a misspelling of "range"?  If not, what was a "grange"?  Only later did I learn that "grange" was derived from the Latin word, granum, meaning a seed.  The word forms part of...

    National Grange, nonprofit corporations, Section 7132, distribution of assets, nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, Section 204

    Bylaws And Supermajority Board Voting Requirements

    Yesterday's post concerned various provisions that, although not required to be included in the articles of incorporation, must be included if they are to be effective.  One of these provisions relates to supermajority voting requirements:

    Section 307, Corporate Governance, Section 204, board of directors, Bylaw, quorum, supermajority