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    Sciabacucchi and Gender Quotas Engender Dubiety Over Internal Affairs

    Professor Ann Lipton at Tulane University Law School has noted a slew of forthcoming papers concerning the internal affairs doctrine in light of Vice Chancellor Laster's holding in Sciabacucchi v. Salzberg, 2018 Del. Ch. LEXIS 578, and...

    Pseudo foreign corporation

    Does Incorporation In Delaware Constitute "Abuse Of The Corporation"?

    Until I happened upon a working paper by Professors Martin Gelter and Lécia Vicente, I had not encountered the notion of abusing a corporation merely by choosing where to incorporate it.  The authors describe abuse as follows:

    Pseudo foreign corporation

    Federal Court Blocks Shareholder Inspection Of Delaware Corporation's Records Pursuant To California Statute

    United States District Court Judge Haywood S. Stirling, Jr. yesterday blocked a stockholder's attempt to use California's shareholder inspection statute to gain access to a corporation's "books and records and minutes of proceedings of the...

    Pseudo foreign corporation

    Why California's Gender Quota Bill Is More Likely To Be Unconstitutional Than California's Pseudo-Foreign Corporation Statute

    In the waning hours of the current session, the California legislature passed a bill that will impose gender quotas on publicly held domestic or foreign corporations whose principal executive offices, according to the corporation’s SEC 10-K form,...

    Pseudo foreign corporation

    Can Pseudo-Foreign Corporations Exonerate Their Directors?

    Corporations Code Section 2115 is not an easy read.  Fortunately, California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye has provided a more digestible overview of the statute:

    Greb v. Diamond International, Pseudo foreign corporation, Section 2115, Choice of Law/Conflict of Law, internal affairs doctrine, Section 204(a)(10), section 309