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    Negotiating Permits?

    The title of yesterday's post may have been a bit recondite for some readers as I never directly mentioned negotiating permits in the post.  Therefore, today's post will back up a bit and fill in some of the missing pieces.

    California Securities Laws, 10 CCR 260.015.23, negotiating permit, 10 CCR 260.102, illegal offer, qualification, Section 25102, section 25110

    A Permit To Negotiate - Really?

    It is sometimes forgotten that the California Corporate Securities Law of 1968 makes it unlawful to either offer or sell a security in California in an issuer transaction unless that the sale has been qualified or exempt from or not subject to...

    California Securities Laws, negotiating permit, Uncategorized, 35 persons, Commissioner of Business Oversight, exempt, qualification, qualified, Rule 260.102.1, section 25110

    Shares of Foreign Subsidiaries

    I expect that little or no thought is given to the possible application of California's Corporate Securities Law of 1968 when a corporation incorporates a subsidiary under the laws of a foreign country.  However, the issuance of shares to a...

    California Securities Laws, 260.105.22, 260.141.11, Corporations Code, foreign subsidiary, qualification, section 25110

    The DBO As Religious Regulator

    In December last, the Department of Business Oversight published the 2016 Commissioner’s Report on the Offer or Sale of Securities by Permit under Corporations Code Section 25113.  This report, which is required by California Corporations...

    California Securities Laws, Nasaa, North American Securities Administrators Associati, church, church debt, church extension fund, mosque, permit, qualification, Section 25113, suitability, synagogue, temple

    Five Gnostic Exemptions From The Qualification Requirements Of The Corporate Securities Law

    When looking for exemptions from the qualification requirements of the California Corporate Securities Law of 1968, a good place to start is Chapter 1, Part 2, Division 1 of Title 4 of the Corporations Code.  Cal. Corp. Code § 25100 et seq.  If you...

    California Securities Laws, motor clubs, nonprofit cooperative assocations, Section 12160, Section 25130, banks, Credit Union, CSL, exempt, Insurance Code, qualification, section 25110, Section 25120