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    This Flowchart Makes California's Corporate Law Look "Pretty, Pretty Good"!

    You can read Delaware's General Corporation Law front to back and back to front and still know very little about Delaware corporate law.  The reason is that most of the important rules are not found in statutes but in a myriad of court decisions. ...

    Mergers & Acquisitions, California Corporations Code, Delaware General Corproration Law

    When You Say "Get It In Writing", What Do You Mean?

    Several provisions of the Delaware General Corporation Law authorize or require that a notice or communication be in "writing" or "written".  For example, Section 142(b) provides "Any officer may resign at any time upon written notice to the...

    Delaware General Corproration Law

    Delaware, Consent, And The Adequacy Of Email Notice

    Since the turn of this century, Delaware has allowed corporations to give notices to stockholders by electronic transmission.  8 Del. Code § 232(a).  However, the statute is conditioned upon the stockholder's consent.  California has a similar...

    Delaware General Corproration Law

    California And Virtual Annual Meetings

    Seventeen years ago, Delaware amended Section 211 of the Delaware General Corporation Law to permit corporations to hold electronic meetings of stockholders.  72 Del. Laws, c. 343, §§ 7, 8.  In the ensuing years, an increasing number of corporations...

    Section 211, virtual annual meeting, Corporate Governance, Broadridge, CII, consent, Council of Institutiona Investors, Delaware General Corproration Law, hybrid annual meeting, Section 600(e)