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Mandatory Retirement Policies And California Law

In yesterday's Mentor Blog, Liz Dunshee asked whether mandatory retirement policies are a thing of the past.  This led me to question whether age discrimination of this sort is even legal in California.  Asking about, I learned that California...

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What Does LAX Have To Do With Female Board Membership?

Tuesday's post took note of a recent study authored by Sunwoo Hwang and Professors Anil Shivdasani and Elena Simintzi at the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School.  They found that California's enactment of SB 826 imposing...

Corporate Governance

Did California's Enactment Of Board Gender Quota Law Cause A Significant Decline In Shareholder Value?

As noted by Professor Stephen Bainbridge yesterday, a recent study has concluded that California's enactment of SB 826 has "resulted in a significant decline in shareholder value for firms headquartered in California".  Sunwoo Hwang and Professors ...

Corporate Governance

Who Is A Female? New California Statute Provides An Answer

California's new gender quota law, SB 826, has attracted widespread attention.  The law mandates that a publicly held domestic or foreign corporation with its principal executive offices, according to the corporation’s SEC Form 10-K, located in...

Corporate Governance

Does Governor Brown's Signing Message Have Any Legal Effect?

In 1968, Richard Nixon campaigned for president claiming to have a secret plan to end the war in Vietnam.  With the war still continuing in 1971, Congress included in the Military Procurement Authorization Act the "Mansfield Amendment" urging...

Corporate Governance

As The Clock Winds Down, Criticism Of California's Gender Quota Bill Winds Up

The Governor has until this Sunday to sign or veto bills passed by the legislature before September 1.  Cal. Const. Art. IV, Sec. 10(b)(2).  One bill in the Governor's inbox is SB 826.  If signed by the Governor, SB 826 would impose gender quotas on...

Corporate Governance

What Can Be Done When Shareholders Can't Be Found Or Creditors Won't Accept Payment

What is a corporation to do when:

  • A shareholder is unknown;
  • A shareholder fails or refuses to accept their payment, dividend, or distribution in cash or property;
  • A shareholder's whereabouts cannot be ascertained after diligent inquiry;
  • The...

Corporate Governance

A Not So Fabulous Fable Of Shareholder Inspection

This not so fabulous fable is about a small Nevada corporation, Cwmni Cyfyngedig, Inc. ("CCL").  It is set in the not too distant future.

Dick Plantagenet had founded CCL as a purveyor of red and white rose themed products.  Needing more capital,...

Corporate Governance

Increasing The Size Of The Board And Rounding Out The Hours

Yesterday, I noted that California's proposed board gender quota bill, SB 826, includes the following provision: "A corporation may increase the number of directors on its board to comply with this section".  I'm not sure what to make of this...

Corporate Governance

The SEC's New C&DI And Cumulative Voting

Last Friday, the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission issued 45 new Compliance & Disclosure Interpretations relating to proxy solicitations and related schedules.  One of these dealt with the issue of cumulative voting:

Question 124.01:...

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