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    Standard Of Review Is Clear For Administrative Interpretations Of Statutes And Rules

    A few days ago, I noted the Court of Appeal's opinion in Davis Test Only Smog Testing v. Dept. of Consumer Affairs, 2017 Cal. App. LEXIS 855.  That post concerned the Court's holding that the plaintiffs' due process rights had not been violated by...

    administrative mandate, Administrative Procedure, chevron deference, Davis Test Only Smog Testing, de novo, independent judgment, Yamaha

    Must A False Statement To A Franchisee Be Made "In this state"?

    The list of instruments and interests included within the definition of a "security" in California Corporations Code Section 25019 is long.  A franchise, however, is not to be found amongst the named.  In fact, the statute specifically excludes a...

    California Securities Laws, franchise, Franchise Investment Law, G.P.P., Gutierrez-Brizuela v. Lynch, section 31202, Section 31300, Administrative Procedure, CFIL, chevron deference, in this state, Inc. v. Guardian, neil gorsuch, Section 31101, Sheila K. Oberto