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    Why Did Nevada Honor This Delaware Governor?

    In the corporate world, Nevada is often described as the "Delaware of the West".  Nevada legislators are in fact quite explicit about their interest in competing with Delaware for corporate charters.  In the most recent session, for example,...

    Nevada legislature

    It's An Odd Year When Nevada's Legislature Meets

    Under Nevada's Constitution, Nevada's legislature meets biennially (i.e., every other year), a schedule not to be confused with with California's legislative biennium (i.e., lasting two years).  Nev. Const. Art. 4, § 2(1).  Nevada's current...

    Nevada legislature

    Want To File A Derivative Suit? You May Soon Be Required To Read Statutes

    I have been writing recently about SB 203, a bill that is now pending in the Nevada legislature.  As introduced, the bill would, among other things, require the following:

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