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    The DFPI And Insider Trading

    All securities transactions by members and employees of the Securities and Exchange Commission must comply with 5 CFR § 200.735-5 which in turn requires compliance with 5 CFR § 4401.102.  In general, § 4401.102 adopts a "possession" standard for...

    Insider Trading, Department of Financial Protection and Innovation

    Friendship Formed In Middle School Yields Duty of Trust And Confidence

    In U.S. v. O'Hagan, 521 U.S. 642 (1997), the United States Supreme Court held that that a person who misappropriates material nonpublic information from the source of the information may be guilty of insider trading even though he or she did not...

    Insider Trading

    Judge Juxtaposes California And Delaware Insider Trading Law

    Yesterday, I wrote about Judge Claudia Wilken's recent ruling that the internal affairs doctrine does not supplant California's insider trading statute, Corp. Code § 25402. In re McKesson Corp. Derivative Litig., 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 81049.  While...

    Insider Trading, insider

    Federal Judge Applies California Insider Trading Statute To Delaware Corporation

    Attentive readers of this blog should be aware that California included an insider trading statute (Corp. Code § 25402) as part of the Corporate Securities Law of 1968.  More than a dozen years ago, a California Court of Appeal held that the...

    Insider Trading

    Mark Twain On Insider Trading
    "Is there anything whereof, it may be said, See, this new?"

    Insider Trading

    Judge Rules Internal Affairs Doctrine Governs California Insider Trading Statute

    As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, California has its own insider trading statute - California Corporations Code Section 25402.  The statute is included in the California Corporate Securities Law of 1968.  In general, the jurisdiction of...

    California Securities Laws, Friese v. Superior Court, derivative, In re Sagent Technology, Insider Trading, internal affairs doctrine, Jon Tigar, Section 2116, Section 25402, Wells Fargo

    Does The SEC Have Exposure For Tipping Inside Information?

    Yesterday, I discussed the recent hack of the Securities and Exchange Systems' electronic filing and retrieval system commonly referred to as EDGAR.  In a written statement disclosing the hack, Chairman Jay Clayton speculated that the incident may...

    hack, hacking, reckless, scienter, SEC v. Obus, Securities Litigation, EDGAR, Insider Trading, personal benefit

    Hacking EDGAR And Insider Trading

    SEC Chairman Jay Clayton launched a sea of news stories last week when he included the following five sentence in a statement on cybersecurity:

    hacker, hacking, misappropriation theory, Second Circuit, Section 10(b), SEC, Securities Litigation, 574 F.3d 42, classical theory, Insider Trading, Rule 10b-5, SEC v. Dorozhko

    Something Appears To Be Awry With California's Insider Trading Statute

    I trust that by now most quotidian readers of this blog should be familiar with Corporations Code Section 25402 which declares insider trading to be unlawful.  Although the statute has been on the books since the enactment of the Corporate...

    California Securities Laws, Corporate Securities Law, Samuel Clemens, Insider Trading, Mark Twain, Roughing It, Section 12, Section 25401, tarantulas

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