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    In This Case, A Wrongful Termination Does Not Render Repurchase Wrongful

    Shareholders' agreements in closely held corporations frequently grant the corporation and/or the other shareholders the right to repurchase a shareholder's shares if the shareholder ceases to be an employee of the company.  What happens if an...

    Corporate Governance, stock option

    How To Confer A $6.9 Million Benefit For Less Than A Half Dollar

    In March 2011, the three-member compensation committee of EchoStar Corporation awarded options to purchase 1.5 million shares of company stock to its Chairman, Charles W. Ergen.  According to EchoStar's proxy statement for its 2012 annual meeting,...

    Securities Litigation, Attorney's fees, demand futility, derivative suit, EchoStar, Jennifer A. Dorsey, stock option