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    Court Rules Website Is "Equivalent" To Physical Store In California

    While there may be a myriad of differences between a physical store and a website, a California Court of Appeal ruled yesterday that corporeal is the equivalent of the incorporeal, at least when it comes to jurisdiction.  

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    Nevada Developers' Ignorance Of Investors' Location Precludes Suit In California

    "A funnel hovered over the American West. Into the large end went investor dollars and investor dreams. Out the little end streamed dollars into Las Vegas, where a Nevada intermediary made loans to Nevada land developers who had high hopes for big...

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    Cede Freeze Fails To Kindle Personal Jurisdiction In Nevada

    Many may have heard of Cede and Company, but what exactly is it and who owns it?  Cede is a New York partnership, of which Depository Trust Company and The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation are partners.  The former, DTC, is a New York...

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    California Securities Law Claims Founder On Personal Jurisdiction

    Establishing personal jurisdiction may seem mundane, but without it a plaintiff may soon find itself out of court, as did the plaintiff in Marshall v. Galvanoni, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 185530.

    California Securities Laws, Marshall v. Galvanoni, personal jurisdiction, scienter, Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel, Judge Kimberly J. Mueller, Section 25401

    U.S. District Court Finds Personal Jurisdiction In Derivative Suit

    I think it is beyond peradventure that a state enjoys personal jurisdiction over corporations incorporated within that state.  What about the personal jurisdiction over the corporation's directors and officers?  That was the question addressed by...

    personal jurisdiction, Derivative Suits, Uncategorized, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 9657, Consipio holdings bv v. carlberg, derivative suit, judge jennifer A. Dorsey, Sonoro Invest SA v. Miller