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    Did The SEC's Pay Ratio Guidance Miss Conjunction Junction?

    Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued interpretive guidance to assist issuers in complying with the pay ratio rule.  At the same time, the Division of Corporation Finance staff issued guidance concerning how companies might use...

    Pay Ratio Rule, Washington College of Law, Executive Compensation, and/or, Ira p. Robbins, Securities and Exchange Commission

    "And" Or "Or" - This Ninth Circuit Opinion Highlights The Difference

    "And" and "or" are classified as conjunctions. They are classified as such because they yoke together words, phrases, clauses and sometimes even sentences.  They are not interchangeable, however, as illustrated by the recent opinion by the Ninth...

    Uncategorized, ambiguous, and/or, exclusive meaning, inclusive meaning, Zetwick v. County of Yolo