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    Inside And Outside Reverse Veil Piercing

    UCLA Professor Stephen Bainbridge has published several posts commenting on my post discussing Curci Invs. v. Baldwin, 2017 Cal. App. LEXIS 698.  The issue in Curci was whether reverse veil piercing of a limited liability company is possible in...

    Limited Liability Companies, hamartia, reverse veil piercing, Curci, Postal Instant Press, Stephen Bainbridge

    California Court Green Lights Reverse Veil Piercing Of Delaware LLC

    Courts historically have applied the alter ego doctrine to "pierce the corporate veil" so that a shareholder may be held liable for the debts or conduct of the corporation.  California has extended the possibility of alter ego liability to members...

    Limited Liability Companies, llc, reverse veil piercing, Section 17705.03, Alter Ego, Baldwin, Curci Investments, Kaswa, Limited Liability Company, Postal Instant Press, Section 17703.04, veil piercing