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    One More Reason For Foreign Corporations To Not Have Any Office In California . . .

    Chapter 22 of the California General Corporation Law specifies a number of crimes that may be committed by corporations and/or their directors, officers or agents.  The penalties for some violations can be significant.  For example, a director,...

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    A Foreign Corporation, Whether Or Not Dissolved, Is Not A Corporation

    In a recent ruling involving a motion to confirm an arbitration award involving a default, Judge Vince Chhabria asked the plaintiff for supplemental briefing on whether the defendant had been properly served. Tetronics Int'l (United Kingdom) v....

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    Moving Your Principal Executive Office? Don't Forget To Make This Filing

    Note to readers:  This blog has been updated to correct and clarify the original posting.

    A foreign corporation registering to transact intrastate business in California must disclose, among other things:

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    How To Change A Foreign Corporation's State Or Place Of Domicile

    'No statutory authority exists in California for a foreign corporation that is qualified to transact intrastate business in California to amend its statement of information to reflect a new state or place of domicile.  A foreign corporation desiring...

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    Serving Agents That Can't Be Found

    Yesterday's post discussed how to effect service on a foreign corporation.  Two of three statutory options relate to service on an agent of the corporation.  What if an agent cannot be found?  Mirabile dictu!  The GCL provides answers when:

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    Whom Do You Serve?

    Due process requires proper notice.  Without notice, all may be for naught.  James Joyce's alter ego, Leopold Bloom, took note of this fact in the Cyclops chapter of Ulysses:

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    Reinstatement Held To Validate Retroactive Recordation Of Lien

    Last Friday, the Sixth District Court of Appeal held that a corporation's recording of a an abstract of judgment while suspended was a procedural matter that was retroactively validated when its corporate powers were restored.  Longview Int'l v....

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    Court Rules Registration To Transact Intrastate Business Does Not Establish General Jurisdiction

    A foreign corporation registering with the California Secretary of State to transact intrastate business must, among other things, designate an agent for service of process in California. Does this amenability to service confer personal...

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    Legislature Passes Bill Requiring In State Inspection of Corporate Records

    Corporations Code Section 1601 requires that records "be open to inspection . . . at any reasonable time during usual business hours . . .".  The statute is silent on where the inspection must occur. In Innes v. Diablo Controls, Inc., 248 Cal. App....

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