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    Still More On Suing The CEO For Social Activism

    Last week, I devoted several posts to the question of suing the CEO for social activism.  The catalyst for the discussion was an August 17, 2017 Op-Ed piece by Jon L. Pritchett and Ed Tiryakian in The Wall Street Journal.  That piece cited recent...

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    More On Suing The CEO For Social Activism

    The last few days, I've been writing about the legal issues raised by Jon L. Pritchett and Ed Tiryakian in a recent opinion piece published by The Wall Street Journal.  To sum up the discussion so far, Professor Stephen Bainbridge responded to...

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    Suing The CEO For Social Activism Is Likely To Be Challenging Under Nevada Law

    Yesterday's post concerned asked the question whether shareholders can sue CEOs for social activism.  The answer is of course, yes.  The more interesting question is whether shareholders will win the suit.  To answer that question, one must first...

    Nevada Corporations, officer liability, business judgment rule, CEO, NRS 78.138, other constituency statute, social activism

    Can Shareholders Sue CEOs For Corporate Social Activism?

    In an August 17, 2017 opinion piece published in The Wall Street Journal, Jon L. Pritchett and Ed Tiryakian had the following message for shareholders:

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