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    Even If Enacted, The CHOICE Act May Not Repeal The SEC's Pay Ratio Rule

    While prognosticators continue to place odds on whether the Financial CHOICE Act of 2017, H.R. 10, will be enacted, many commentators are claiming that it will "repeal" the Securities and Exchange Commission's pay ratio rule.  Even if H.R. 10 is...

    Financial Choice Act, Pay Ratio Rule, Corporate Governance, SEC, Section 953(b), Dodd-Frank, repeal

    SEC Continues To Pay Out Millions In Secrecy

    Earlier this week, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced awards to three whistleblowers totaling more than $7 million.  That is about all anyone can say about the awards.  The SEC's order is only 448 words long, including numerous...

    Enforcement & Investigations, Rule 240.21F-7, confidentiality, Dodd-Frank, Section 21F(h)(2), Section 922, whistleblower, Whistleblowers