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Neither Member Nor Manager And Yet Still An Agent Be

"Let every eye negotiate for itselfAnd Trust no Agent;"

In a recent ruling, U.S. Magistrate Judge Kimberly C. Priest Johnson addressed the question of who may be an agent of a California limited liability company.  Autoficio, LLC v. Cimble Corp.,...

Limited Liability Company

Bill Would Mandate That All LLCs Have A "Valid" EMail Address

In a move that may not please Postmaster General Megan G. Brennan, California Assembly Member James Gallagher has introduced a bill that would effectively require every limited liability company and every foreign limited liability company registered...

California Secretary of State, Limited Liability Company

SOS Amends Form LLC-1 To Warn Of Perjury

California Corporations Code Section 17702.07(c) provides that an individual who signs a record authorized or required to be filed under the California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act "affirms under penalty of perjury that the...

Limited Liability Company

Legislator Proposes Limited Immortality For California LLCs

The California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Act originally provided that "A limited liability company that is dissolved nevertheless continues to exist for the purpose of winding up its affairs, prosecuting and defending actions by or against...

Limited Liability Company

The Perils Of A False LLC Filing With The SOS

California requires that the articles of organization of a limited liability company include the name and street address of the initial agent for service of process.  Cal. Corp. Code § 17702.01(b)(4).  In a recent ruling, Chief District Court Judge ...

Limited Liability Company

Court Lacks Authority To Order Buyout Of Foreign Entities

When one partner or members seeks the dissolution of a California limited partnership or limited liability company, the other partners or members may keep the LP or LLC alive by purchasing, for cash, the interests owned by the party seeking...

Limited Liability Company

Legislature To Consider Authorizing Real Estate Broker Licenses To LLCs

In California, real estate broker licenses are currently issued only to individuals and corporations.  Limited liability companies need not, indeed may not, apply.  This is a result of a compromise that was reached when California’s original limited...

Limited Liability Company

Some California Implications Of Delaware's New LLC Division Statute

When I first heard about Delaware's new statute establishing a procedure for dividing a limited liability company, I immediately flashed back to High School Biology class and meiosis.  In meiosis 1, a single cell divides into two cells with each...

Limited Liability Company

LLCs Are Found In The Corporations Code But They Are Not Corporations

As one might expect, the California Corporations Code includes California General Corporation Law.  The Corporations Code covers a lot more than corporations, however.  It includes, for example, California's partnership, limited partnership, and...

Limited Liability Company

Whom Do You Serve (Part 2)?

The point of last Friday's post is that Section 1502 of the California Corporations Code does not apply to foreign limited liability companies.  That statute requires a "corporation", as defined in Section 162, to file a statement with the Secretary...

Limited Liability Company

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