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Yes! Today Is Bloomsday!

In 1924, Nora Barnacle wrote "To day 16 June 1924 twenty years after.  will anybody remember this day."  Nora's husband, James Joyce set all of the action of Ulysses on a single day, June 16, 1904, the date of his first date with Nora.  Because ...

Legal History

Stock Exchanges Before The SEC

National securities exchanges are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Section 6(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  Before there was an SEC or an Exchange Act, the United States was populated with local stock...

Legal History

What's With The "O" in Delicto?

Students beginning the study of law almost immediately confront a congeries of Latin phrases, many of which end in the vowel "o".  For example, students will see in pari delicto (in equal fault) and ex delicto (from a wrong).  But they will also run...

Legal History

Saints, Sanctions and Cicero

Yesterday's post included the following description of an article about alleged misconduct by a company's CEO:

The article questioned the company's culture:  it sanctioned a "best legs" contest for female employees, few women served in high-level...

Legal History

Why A "Grant" Must, By Definition, Be In Writing 

The word "transfer" is derived from two (what else?) Latin words - trans and ferre.  The former meaning "across" and the latter meaning "to carry".  In a non-technical sense, a "transfer" can involve a simple change in possession.  For example, one...

Legal History

Do You Have To Be Old To Be A Veteran?

On Saturday, the country honored its veterans.  November 11 was originally designated as "Armistice Day" in recognition of the date on which fighting in the First World War ended.  It became a legal holiday in 1938, only a few years before the...

Legal History, Military & Veterans Code, November 11, Armistice Day, Dwight Eisenhower, Veteres

Las Vegas' Airport And The Lawyer Who Went "All In" For His Client

Passengers flying to Las Vegas arrive at the McCarran International Airport.  Having spent my youth in Las Vegas, I have many memories of going to the airport to greet arriving family or to fly East for school.  Then, there was no passenger security...

Legislation, Legal History, Pat McCarran, Las Vegas, McCarran Airport, Tick Segerblom

A Town Without Written Leases And No Litigation

Recently, I visited Tonopah, Nevada, which is located about midway between Las Vegas and Reno.  According to legend, the town was founded after Jim Butler discovered a rich ledge of silver ore while chasing his wandering burros.  Historians can, and...

Legal History, mining leases, mizpah, tonopah

New California Law Seeks To Root Out Juror Bias, But What Would Calvin H. Higbie Say?

The right to a jury trial in criminal cases is guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and by Article I, Section 16 of the California Constitution.  Implicit in the requirement of a jury is the idea that the jurors will exercise...

Legal History, Samuel L. Clemens, AB 1541, Calvin H. Higbie, Kalra, Roughing It, voire dire

Was The Jury Empaneled Or Impaneled?

Last week's news was filled with reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had impaneled a grand jury (The Wall Street Journal).  Or did Mr. Meuller empanel a grand jury (The Washington Post).  Aside from the political and legal issues, these...

grand jury, Legal History, pannellus, empanel, impanel

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