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    Why Is The CDPH So Tentative In Its Justification Of Face Coverings?

    Although many experts from Dr. Fauci to the World Health Organization initially discouraged healthy people from wearing masks, it seemed to me that wearing a face covering should diminish the spread of infection of diseases that are communicated...

    Public Records Act/FOIA

    Why Comment On Proposed Regulations?

    I like to say that administrative law is the most useful course that I didn't take in law school.  My service in California state government was my principal schooling in administrative law.  Since then, I have been fortunate to teach classes in...

    Public Records Act/FOIA

    SEC Proposes To Rewrite The FOIA

    For more than a half century, the Freedom of Information Act (aka FOIA) grants any person a legally enforcable right to obtain access to federal agency records (with certain exceptions). The FOIA requires federal agencies to promulgate regulations,...

    Public Records Act/FOIA

    Under The Public Records Act, A Losing Party May Be The Prevailing Party

    When the California legislature enacted the Public Records Act,  it declared "access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business is a fundamental and necessary right of every person in this state".  Gov't Code § 6250.  The...

    Government Code, prevailing party, Section 6250, catalyst theory, Public Records Act/FOIA, Section 6258

    Want To "Bury" Your Response To SEC Comments? Here's How

    I have long assumed that when you search "CORRESP" by issuer name, you would see all correspondence filed on EDGAR with respect to that issuer.  I was therefore surprised when I recently searched for a letter responding to the staff's comments but...

    CORRESP, Correspondence, EDGAR, Public Records Act/FOIA