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    Does California Side With Delaware Or New York On Special Litigation Committee Reviews?

    As discussed in the two preceding posts, Nevada's Supreme Court last week decided to adopt New York's standard of review of special litigation committee recommendations to dismiss stockholder derivative suits.  In re Dish Network Derivative...

    Derivative Suits, Auerbach, Desaigoudar v. Meyercord, In re Dish Network Derivative, Special Litigation Committee, Zapata

    Review Of Special Litigation Committee Recommendations

    Yesterday's post limned the Nevada Supreme Court's adoption of New York's Auerbach standard of review for special litigation committee recommendations.  In re Dish Network Derivative Litigation, 133 Nev. Adv. Op. 61 (2017).  The Supreme Court...

    Nevada Corporations, derivative action, evidentiary hearing, In re Dish Network, Justice Kristina Pickering, SLC, Special Litigation Committee

    Nevada Favors New York Over Delaware Precedent For SLC Review

    Nevada law endows a board of directors "full control over the affairs of the corporation".  NRS 78.120(1).  This control is subject only to such limitations as may be provided by NRS chapter 7, or the articles of incorporation of the corporation.  ...

    Nevada Corporations, New York, Auerbach, business judgment rule, Delaware, derivative suit, In re Dish, SLC, Special Litigation Committee, Zapata