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    This California Court Held That A Limited Partnership Is No Person

    In preceding posts, I commented on the multifarious definitions of "person" in the Securities Act of 1933, the Exchange Act of 1934 and various laws within the California Corporations Code.  As noted, the Corporations Code's definition of "person"...

    limited partnership, Partnerships, person, Section 17, CCP, Diamond View v. Herz, Section 18, Section 527.6

    Multifarious Meanings of "Person"

    Last Friday, I observed that the definitions of "person" found in the Securities Act and the Securities Exchange Act are oddly incongruous. The California Corporations Code is similarly inharmonious.  Section 18 of the Code, which applies to the...

    nonprofit corporation law, person, revised uniform limited liability, uniform limited partnership act, Uncategorized, Corporations Code

    Are Limited Liability Companies "Persons"?

    Limited liability companies did not exist when Congress enacted the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  Therefore, it should be no surprise that as originally enacted these acts did not mention LLCs.  Congress has since...

    California Securities Laws, Limited Liability Companies, LLCs, person, Exchange Act, Limited Liability Company, Section 25013, Section 2(a)(2), Section 3(a)(9), Securities Act of 1933