Nevada Secretary Of State Denies Hacking Claim

Recently, Cytta Corp., a small Nevada corporation, filed this Form 8-K reporting that it had "discovered that it was the victim of an online hacking incident on October 30th, 2014 in that, unauthorized person or persons accessed the Nevada Secretary of State Corporate filing system known as 'Silverflume' and surreptitiously altered the Officer and Director information contained therein".  I first wrote about the Nevada's Secretary of State's innovative Silverflume portal two years ago in this post.

This wasn't the end of the alleged skulduggery.  According to Cytta's Form 8-K:

In a related event on October 31, 2014 Cytta’s Transfer Agent notified Cytta of a Federal filing to change the 'PassPhrase' for Cytta on the SEC EDGAR filing protocols.  Cytta had not requested or ordered such a change.  It became apparent this change was effected based upon the false data the perpetrators had inserted in the Cytta Corporate information in the Nevada Silverflume system.  

A few days later, the Nevada Secretary of State's office issued this terse denial that its business portal had been hacked:

In response to a claim that SilverFlume, Nevada’s Business Portal, was hacked the Nevada Secretary of State’s office assures its customers that the website,, did not experience a security breach, and that the allegation is false. 

A Nevada entity alleges that a person or persons hacked into SilverFlume and filed a fraudulent list of officers for its corporation.  If an entity experiences internal corporate governance issues, the entity should seek private legal counsel to resolve the matter.

Whatever the merits of Cytta's allegations, corporate identity theft is a real risk.  See this post from three years ago.