Filing Statements Of Information Online

Last June, the California Secretary of State's office announced bizfile California, which it described as "a new online portal to help businesses file, search, and order business records quickly and conveniently from one webpage".  Bizfile California currently permits limited liability companies to file electronically the following:

  • Initial LLC Statement of Information
  • Required Periodic LLC Statement of Information
  • Updated LLC Statement of Information

The initial statement is due within 90 days of after filing the original articles of organization or, in the case of a foreign LLC, registering to transact intrastate business.  Cal. Corp. Code § 17702.09(a).  The periodic LLC Statement is required biennially thereafter during the "applicable filing period".  Id.  The "applicable filing period" is the calendar month during which its original articles of organization was filed or, in the case of a foreign LLC, the month in which its registration as a foreign LLC was filed.  Cal. Corp. Code § 17702.09(c).

It seems that bizfile California has proved to be a success.  Recently, the Secretary of State announced that since the bizfile's debut in June, over 100,000 statements of information have been filed.  I suspect that somewhere Newman ("When you control the mail, you control information") is shedding a tear.