A Corporation Is A Body But Also An "Individual"

Several years ago, I wrote about the various meanings of "person" in the California Corporations Code.  All of the definitions mentioned in that post included corporations within the list of persons.  If a corporation is a person, is it also an individual?

The term individual is derived from the Latin words in and dividuus, meaning not and divided.  Thus, atoms were considered to be indivisible matters ( "Ille atomos quas appellat, id est corpora individua propter soliditatem . . .").∗  I typically think of natural persons when I hear "individual".   However, corporations may have a variety constituent parts, but they are quite literally bodies (corpus is the Latin word for a body).  Thus, it may be no surprise that the California Securities Owners Protection law defines "individual" to include every domestic or foreign private corporation.  Cal. Corp. Code § 27002(a).  The list also includes some incorporeal entities such as unincorporated associations, partnerships, syndicates and even leagues.


*Marcus Tullius Cicero,  De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum