"Black Friday" Is Not On The List Of California State Holidays, So Why Is It A Holiday For California State Employees?

A few years ago, I happened to be in Dublin, Ireland during Thanksgiving week.  Because Thanksgiving is not a traditional Irish holiday, I was surprised to seen that "Black Friday" sales were heavily advertised and that Grafton Street was packed with shoppers on the Friday following the American Thanksgiving holiday.

Section 6700 of the California Government Code lists Thanksgiving Day as a state holiday in a somewhat backwards manner:

 (a) The holidays in this state are:  . . .

(16) (A) Every day appointed by the President or Governor for a public fast, thanksgiving, or holiday.

(B) Except for the Thursday in November appointed as Thanksgiving Day, this paragraph and paragraphs (3) and (6) shall not apply to a city, county, or district unless made applicable by charter, or by ordinance or resolution of the governing body thereof.

Section 6700 does not identify the Friday after Thanksgiving as a state holiday.   Nonetheless, Government Code Section 19583 includes the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday to which all state employees are entitled.   In addition, Section 135 of the California Code of Civil Procedure specifies "Every Saturday and the day after Thanksgiving Day are judicial holidays".  So it seems that even though Black Friday did not make the Government Code list of state holidays, California state employees and the California judiciary will be enjoying the day off, nonetheless.

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