Business Lawyering During The Covid-19 Murrain

A year ago, "all changed, changed utterly".  In February 2020, I doubt very few, if anyone, would have anticipated that schools, government offices, houses of worship, museums, offices, theaters, and restaurants would be closed and that people would be mostly confined to working at home and wearing face masks.  Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is easing, retrospection has already begun.  Anne G. Crisp, Joan MacLeod Heminway, and Gray Buchanan Martin recently published an article that "draws attention to these COVID-19 transformations as a socio-legal reflection on business lawyering, the provision of legal services in business settings, and professional responsibility in business law practice".   Business Law and Lawyering in the Wake of Covid-19, 22 Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law 365 (2021).   The article documents how business lawyers have responded to the murrain as a matter of "substantive law, professional practice, and professional conduct".   The article itself is a hopeful sign because, as its title notes, we are now in the "wake" and not the forefront of the pandemic.