DBO Website Lists Central Locations For Service Of Process

In a 2013 post, wrote about new legislation, AB 2364 (Wagner), intended to simplify the process for levying on bank accounts for both creditors and banks. AB 2364 required banks or financial institutions with more than nine branch offices within California to designate one or more branches or offices for service of legal process within the state. 

Those searching for the list of designated central locations can find it on the Department of Business Oversight's website.  There are 217 financial institutions on the list, which can be downloaded in Excel.  Those looking for information on the designated agents for service of process have to look elsewhere.  That information is available on the California Secretary of State’s website.

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Yesterday was the 138th anniversary of the birth of the birth of James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, the author of Chamber Music, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegan's Wake.  As Colm Tóibín observed: “The streets filled with darkness in Dubliners are filled with promise in Ulysses. In the novel, the dreamers and chancers seem to thrive merely by thinking, being, singing, meeting each other. . . .  Dubliners shows a city filled with the colours and shades of autumn and winter. It offers images powerful enough to be repudiated with real comic energy in Ulysses.”

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland