Filers Eschew "Special Military Operation" In Favor Of "War", "Conflict" and "Invasion"

In a televised address February, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a "special military operation" in Ukraine.   He later signed a law that reportedly criminalizes references to events in Ukraine as an "invasion" rather than a "special military operation".  I was therefore curious as to whether any SEC reporting issuers had adopted the preferred Russian euphemism.   In a quick search of Form 10-Q filings, I failed to find a single use of the term "special military operation".  However, I did find several references to Russia's "military action" in Ukraine.  Often these disclosures also referred to the "conflict", "invasion", or "war" in Ukraine.  In some cases, however, the situation was described simply as a "military action".   

Describing the situation in Ukraine as simply a "military action" tends to understate the number of dead and injured, the widespread property destruction and the scale of the ongoing violence in Ukraine.