How To Change A Foreign Corporation's State Or Place Of Domicile

'No statutory authority exists in California for a foreign corporation that is qualified to transact intrastate business in California to amend its statement of information to reflect a new state or place of domicile.  A foreign corporation desiring to make this change must file with the Secretary of State either an Agreement of Merger or a Certificate of Surrender (Form SURC).   After filing a Form SURC, the foreign corporation will need to file the appropriate form of Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation to qualify under its new place of domicile.  The Secretary of State has four forms for this, depending upon whether the foreign corporation is a stock corporation, professional corporation, insurer, or nonprofit corporation.

It's Important To Read The Fine Print 

Nevada has a plethora of abandoned mine shafts and they are exceedingly unsafe to enter.  Some, but not all mines, are posted with the following warning sign produced by the Division of Minerals of the Nevada Department of Business & Industries:


"Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!"

The over-all message is conspicuous enough, but what about the fine print below the state seal?  It reads:

"Some of the dangers around abandoned mines include: