President Biden Nominates Former DOC (AKA DBO & DFPI) Attorney To SEC

On Wednesday, President Biden announced that he has nominated Mark Uyeda to serve as a member of the Securities and Exchange Commission.   Mark's work history as an attorney at the SEC should equip him well to serve as a Commissioner.  He previously served as Senior Advisor to Chairman Jay Clayton and Acting Chairman Michael S. Piwowar, and as Counsel to Commissioner Paul S. Atkins.  President Biden also nominated Jaime Lizárraga to fill the other vacant seat on the Commission. 

While both nominees have connections to California, I am particularly pleased to learn about Mark's nomination because he once worked at the California Department of Corporations (now known as the Department of Financial Protection & Innovation), where he served as Chief Advisor to the Commissioner of Corporations.  Over the years, several alumni of the DOC have moved on to work at the SEC, but as far as I know, Mark will be the first to become a Commissioner.