A Cold Day In Caliente . . .

I have no legal news today as I spent the weekend in Caliente, Nevada where I was running in a trail race in Kershaw-Ryan State Park.  The City of Caliente is the only incorporated city in Lincoln County.  It was founded as a railroad town over 100 years ago and it features a beautiful mission-style railroad station.  The station, which is currently under renovation, now houses the town library and city government.

It was only 20 degrees Fahrenheit when the race started.  This may seem to belie the town's name, which means hot in Spanish.  The town was not named for its climate, but for the nearby hot springs.  The town is nestled in a canyon which itself is part of an ancient Caliente Caldera Complex.  Calderas are formed by volcanic explosions that collapse in upon themselves.  The Caliente Caldera Complex is part of a larger caldera  complex in Eastern Nevada which has created a huge field of volcanic tuff (ignimbrite) with some remarkable geologic features.  

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