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U.S. Supreme Court Holding May Further Doom California's Model State Trademark Act

California has had a trademark law on its books since 1941.  1941 Cal. Stats. Ch. 58.  The legislature repealed that law in 1967 and replaced it with the Model State Trademark Law drafted by the International Trademark Association ("INTA").  1967...

California Secretary of State

Did The Secretary Of State Break The Law By Amending The Corporate Disclosure Form?

California's Administrative Procedure Act requires that a state agency follow a rigorous notice and comment process when adopting a regulation.  Although the APA broadly defines "regulation", forms are excepted.  Gov't Code §11340.9(c).  This...

California Secretary of State

Secretary Of State Modifies Corporate Disclosure Form In Response To Gender Quota Law

California's gender quota law took effect on January 1 of this year.  Cal. Stats. 2018, Ch. 954 (SB 826 (Jackson)).  By December 31, 2019, a publicly held domestic or foreign corporation whose principal executive offices, according to the...

California Secretary of State

Secretary Of State Makes Terminating LLCs More Convenient

In June 2017, the California Secretary of State announced the debut of Bizfile, an online portal to help businesses file, search, and order business records quickly and conveniently from one webpage.  Over the last year, the Secretary of State's...

California Secretary of State

Secretary Of State's Office To Be Tested In Implementing New Gender Quota Law

California's new law imposing gender quotas on boards of publicly held corporations imposes significant new responsibilities on the office of the California Secretary of State.  This will put the office in the difficult position of expending time...

California Secretary of State

State Has No Clue As To How Much Board Gender Mandate Will Cost

Several previous posts have highlighted a bill that would impose a gender mandate with respect to the boards of directors of publicly traded corporations that maintain their principal executive office in California.  Having passed out of both the...

California Secretary of State

Bill Seeks To Provide Remedy For Unlawful Use Of Personal Identifying Information In Business Filings

Identity theft, including business identity theft, is all too common.  In its most straightforward form, the thief simply appropriates the identity of an individual or business and uses that identity to obtain goods, services, credit or personal...

California Secretary of State

Interstate Versus Intrastate Business - What's The Difference?

Some words are easily confused such as hyperthermia and hypothermia.  In the case of the former, one is overheated and in the case of the latter, one is not warm enough.  The difference becomes more understandable when one knows the roots of these...

Pseudo-Foreign Corporations, California Secretary of State, interstate business, intrastate business, Judge Beth Freeman, Section 2203, Wellisch v. Pennsylvania Higher

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