California Enacts Temporary, Yet Urgent, Law Allowing Virtual Only Shareholder Meetings

Last year, the California legislature enacted AB 663 (Chen) in order to provide California corporations with greater flexibility to hold virtual-only meetings of shareholders.  Among other things, AB 663 amended Corporations Code Section 600(e) to...

Bill Would Urgently Remove Limitation On Virtual Shareholder Meetings And Allow Utopian Meetings

The last sentence of California Corporations Code Section 600(e) imposes a significant limitation on the ability of California corporations to hold virtual-only meetings:

California And Virtual Annual Meetings

Seventeen years ago, Delaware amended Section 211 of the Delaware General Corporation Law to permit corporations to hold electronic meetings of stockholders.  72 Del. Laws, c. 343, §§ 7, 8.  In the ensuing years, an increasing number of corporations...