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Keith Paul Bishop

Keith Paul Bishop

Keith Bishop works with privately-held and publicly-traded companies on federal and state corporate and securities transactions, compliance, and governance matters. He is highly-regarded for his in-depth knowledge of the distinctive corporate and regulatory requirements faced by corporations in the state of California. While many law firms have a great deal of expertise in federal or Delaware corporate law, Keith’s specific focus on California corporate and securities law is uncommon. A former California state regulator of securities and financial institutions, Keith has decades of experience navigating the regulatory-intensive state’s rules. For companies with substantial operations in California but incorporated elsewhere, Keith is an exceptional resource. He is frequently called in to help with issues arising under California’s “blue sky” and lender laws. An avid writer, Keith’s blog,, covers a diverse collection of California corporate and securities law issues and has served as a valued resource for other attorneys, business executives, judges, and media, nationwide.

Recent Posts

The Business Roundtable Volte Face And The Bainbridge Hypothetical

The Business Roundtable attracted considerable attention recently when it renounced fealty to the interests of stakeholders rather than shareholders.  The problem of stakeholderism is brilliantly illustrated by the eponymous Bainbridge Hypothetical:

California's Racial/Ethnic Quota Bill Is Amended To Expand Definition Of "Underrepresented Communities"

Earlier this month, I noted a California bill that would require publicly held corporations have a minimum number of "directors from underrepresented communities".  The bill, AB 979 (Holden), originally defined "directors from underrepresented...

Legislation, Corporate Governance

Will The "Improving Corporate Diversity Through Diversity Act of 2019" Be The Plaintiffs' Bar Next El Dorado?

Yesterday, Liz Dunshee at The Proxy Season Blog took note of new support for the Improving Corporate Diversity Through Diversity Act of 2019" from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations.  If enacted, the ICDTDA would, among...

This Flowchart Makes California's Corporate Law Look "Pretty, Pretty Good"!

You can read Delaware's General Corporation Law front to back and back to front and still know very little about Delaware corporate law.  The reason is that most of the important rules are not found in statutes but in a myriad of court decisions. ...

Mergers & Acquisitions, California Corporations Code, Delaware General Corproration Law

When Is Your Corporation's Annual Statement Due?

California law requires that every California stock, agricultural cooperative and registered foreign corporation file a Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State.  Initial statements must be filed within 90 days of registering...

California Secretary of State

If You Plan To Claim Demand Futility, You Had Best Not Make A Demand

Rule 23.1 of the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure specifies the pleading and standing requirements for shareholder derivative actions.  Among other things, Rule 23.1 requires that a complaint "allege with particularity the efforts, if any, made by...

derivative action, derivative suit

LLC Member Missing In Regulatory Filings May Be A Member Nonetheless

Adam Beeman claimed to be a member in Legacy Insurance Solutions, LLC, a California limited liability company.  In support of his claim to membership, he submitted two operating agreements identifying himself as a member.  The defendants disputed...

Limited Liability Companies, jurisdiction

Are Bylaws A Contract Or Contracts?

Today's post continues the discussion regarding the pending class action lawsuit against Dropbox, Inc.  As I mentioned on Monday, the plaintiff is arguing that the company's bylaws do not constitute a contract under California law.  The defendants...

Must A Corporation Have Bylaws?

Yesterday, I wrote about the motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit against Dropbox based on forum non conveniens and the corporation's federal forum selection bylaw.  Several Delaware Justices, Chancellors, and Vice Chancellors and Professor...

Corporate Governance

Are Bylaws Contracts Under California Law?

Last week, Kevin LaCroix wrote about a pending lawsuit in California against Dropbox, Inc. under Section 11 of the Securities Act of 1933.  The defendants have moved to dismiss asserting forum non conveniens based on Dropbox's federal forum bylaw...

Corporate Governance

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