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Keith Paul Bishop

Keith Paul Bishop

Keith Bishop works with privately-held and publicly-traded companies on federal and state corporate and securities transactions, compliance, and governance matters. He is highly-regarded for his in-depth knowledge of the distinctive corporate and regulatory requirements faced by corporations in the state of California. While many law firms have a great deal of expertise in federal or Delaware corporate law, Keith’s specific focus on California corporate and securities law is uncommon. A former California state regulator of securities and financial institutions, Keith has decades of experience navigating the regulatory-intensive state’s rules. For companies with substantial operations in California but incorporated elsewhere, Keith is an exceptional resource. He is frequently called in to help with issues arising under California’s “blue sky” and lender laws. An avid writer, Keith’s blog,, covers a diverse collection of California corporate and securities law issues and has served as a valued resource for other attorneys, business executives, judges, and media, nationwide.

Recent Posts

Academicians Find Firms With All Male Boards Have Left The State

In November, I wrote about an academic study finding that companies experienced "a large negative stock market reaction" when Governor Jerry Brown signed into law California's female board quota mandate (SB 826).  The authors of this study recently...

Corporate Governance

The SEC Insists On "Terminological Inexactitude" For Resource Extraction Issuer Rule

As previously mentioned in this blog, the Securities and Exchange Commission is trying for the third time to implement Congress' directive to adopt rules requiring disclosure by "resource extraction issuers".  See The SEC's Extraction Distraction.  ...

federal securities law

Department Issues "Opinion" That Deferred Payment Product Meets Definitions Of "Loans"

As mentioned in my post last week, the Department of Business Oversight issued a press release shortly after Christmas announcing that it had issued a "legal opinion" concerning whether a point-of-sale product constitute loans for purposes of the...

Finance Lenders, California Financing Law

Department Of Business Oversight Takes Aim At Point-Of-Sale Transactions

Late last month, the California Department of Business Oversight took the unusual step of issuing a press release announcing that it had denied an application by Sezzle Inc. for a lender's license under the California Financing Law (Cal. Fin. Code §...

Court Finds Film Investor's Lawsuit Targeted Defendants' Free Speech Rights

The introductory paragraph in Ojjeh v. Brown, 2019 Cal. App. LEXIS 1304, suggests that the case may involve allegations of securities fraud:

"Defendants Stephen Brown (Brown) and Ignite Channel, Inc. (Ignite) solicited and obtained $180,000 in...

California Securities Laws

The SEC's Extraction Distraction

As noted yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed to amend Form SD to implement Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  Because the proposed rules relate to disclosures by resource...

federal securities law

The SEC's Resource Extraction Rule - A Long Time Coming

Shortly before Christmas, the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed to adopt Rule 13q-1 and an amendment to Form SD to implement Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act relating to disclosure of payments...

federal securities law

Shakespeare And The Impeachment Of Justice

The word "impeach" is much in the news of late.  It is of Anglo-French origin and originally meant to hinder or impede.  As discussed in this post, the first English impeachment in Parliament dates from the fourteenth century. 

Two centuries later,...

California Constitution

Is Impeachment A Pardonable Offense?

Monday's post concerned California's constitutional and statutory provisions governing impeachment.  These provisions are based on the English parliamentary model developed in the 14th century.  In 1678, the Commons impeached Thomas Osborne, the...

Impeachment In California

The Founding Fathers did not invent impeachment.  The procedure was largely copied from English precedent dating to the reign of Edward III.  In 1376, the so-called "Good Parliament" under the leadership of Peter de la Mare impeached the King's...

California Constitution

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