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Keith Paul Bishop

Keith Paul Bishop

Keith Bishop works with privately-held and publicly-traded companies on federal and state corporate and securities transactions, compliance, and governance matters. He is highly-regarded for his in-depth knowledge of the distinctive corporate and regulatory requirements faced by corporations in the state of California. While many law firms have a great deal of expertise in federal or Delaware corporate law, Keith’s specific focus on California corporate and securities law is uncommon. A former California state regulator of securities and financial institutions, Keith has decades of experience navigating the regulatory-intensive state’s rules. For companies with substantial operations in California but incorporated elsewhere, Keith is an exceptional resource. He is frequently called in to help with issues arising under California’s “blue sky” and lender laws. An avid writer, Keith’s blog,, covers a diverse collection of California corporate and securities law issues and has served as a valued resource for other attorneys, business executives, judges, and media, nationwide.

Recent Posts

Neither Member Nor Manager And Yet Still An Agent Be

"Let every eye negotiate for itselfAnd Trust no Agent;"

In a recent ruling, U.S. Magistrate Judge Kimberly C. Priest Johnson addressed the question of who may be an agent of a California limited liability company.  Autoficio, LLC v. Cimble Corp.,...

Limited Liability Company

To File Or Not To File Under Rule 260.103?

California's limited offering exemption (Cal. Corp. Code § 25102(f)) requires an issuer to file a notice of transaction with the Department of Business Oversight with 15 calendar days after the first first sale of the security in California. 10 CCR...

Corporate Securities Law

Secretary Of State Resumes Expedited/Preclearance Services  For Business Filings Today

The closing of a business transaction often depends upon a timely filing with the California Secretary of State's Business Programs Division.  Therefore, I was very pleased to see that the Secretary of State's office today will be resuming 24-hour ...

California Secretary of State

What Authority Exactly Does The Governor Have Under The Emergency Services Act?

California's state government is generally organized into three coequal branches - the legislative, executive and judicial.  The legislature has the power to make laws and the executive has the responsibility to execute those laws.  The legislature...

Something You May Not Think About When Choosing Another State's Law

California courts generally will apply Section 187 of the Restatement Second of Conflicts of Laws when deciding choice of law questions.  Nedlloyd Lines B.V. v. Superior Court, 3 Cal. 4th 459, 465 (1992).  Until now, it hasn't been known whether a...

Choice of Law/Conflict of Law, contract

Internal Affairs Doctrine Blocks Indemnity Claim

Section 78.7502 of Nevada Revised Statutes broadly authorizes, but does not require, a corporation to indemnify its directors, officers, employees or agents.  NRS 78.751 requires the corporation to indemnify directors, officers, employees or agents...

Nevada Corporations, Nevada Revised Statutes, internal affairs doctrine

Study Finds That Nevada Has "Vastly Outperformed" Delaware In Attracting These Corporations

In a recent study, William J. Moon at the University of Maryland School of Law tackles the question of "Delaware's surprising weakness competing in the emerging international market for corporate law".  He finds that less than 5% of Chinese...

Nevada Corporations, Corporate Governance

Does Section 415 Derogate The Exclusivity Of The Appraisal Remedy?

Section 415 of the California Corporations Code provides that nothing in the General Corporation Law "shall be construed as a derogation of any rights or remedies of a creditor or shareholder may have against any … shareholder, director, officer or...

General Corporation Law

Yes! Today Is Bloomsday!

In 1924, Nora Barnacle wrote "To day 16 June 1924 twenty years after.  will anybody remember this day."  Nora's husband, James Joyce set all of the action of Ulysses on a single day, June 16, 1904, the date of his first date with Nora.  Because ...

Legal History

Arizona Court Holds Judge Need Not Hear Case To Write Recommended Decision

California's Administrative Procedure Act requires that an administrative law judge preside over contested administrative hearings.  Cal. Gov't Code § 11512(a).  However, the agency determines whether the administrative law judge (ALJ) hears the...

Administrative Procedure Act

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