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Bill To Amend Placement Agent Law Introduced

As discussed in this posting from last October, the legislature enacted AB 1743 to require placement agents for funds and advisers seeking access to CalPERS or other California public retirement systems to register as lobbyists.  Although I had...

Secretary Of State's E-Mail Notification Bill To Be Amended

The Secretary of State is sponsoring AB 657 to allow both foreign and domestic corporations to indicate that they would like to receive notification from the Secretary of State's office by email.

As discussed in this post, I submitted a comment...

Joint Oversight Hearing Scheduled Regarding Dodd-Frank Act Impacts

The Assembly Banking and Finance and the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committees will be holding an oversight hearing on March 23.  According to the Assembly Daily File, the purpose of the hearing is to consider "intial reactions,...

Nevada Business Entity Treatise Released Today!

Nearly two decades ago, I wrote what I believe to be the first treatise on the corporate law of Nevada.   Today, I'm pleased to announce the release of a new treatise, Bishop and Zucker on Nevada Corporations and Limited Liability Companies.  Here...

Video: What’s In Store For California’s Exemption For Venture Capital Fund Managers?

View the video

Managers of venture capital funds have largely avoided registration as investment advisers.   The Dodd-Frank Act has significantly changed the exemptions from federal registration and will cause California change its exemptions as...

Guest Post: Are Some California Fund Manager Performance Fees in Doubt?

By Matthew J. Ertman

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act) repeal of the private adviser exemption could eliminate the ability of some California fund managers to charge performance fees (often referred to as...

Commissioner To Ask For Comments On Rule 260.204.9

Look for the Commissioner of Corporations to be issuing a solicitation for comments on proposed changes to Rule 260.204.9.  As will be discussed in a Guest Blog to be posted on Monday, the Commissioner has announced that he is considering changes to...

Here’s The Video That You Didn’t See On The Academy Awards

For the last several years, I've served as an adjunct professor at Chapman University School of Law, teaching classes in corporate governance, corporations, and sales and lease transactions.  This past January, I moderated a panel at Chapman Law...

A Competing Flexible Purpose Corporation Bill?

In this post last week, I identified AB 361 as a "spot" bill introduced by Assembly Member Jared Huffman.  As explained in this post from last June, a spot bill is a bill that would make non-substantive changes to a particular code or law in order...

Corporate Director Registry Bill Introduced

California Corporations Code § 318 has been on the books since 1993, Cal Stats. 1993, c. 508.  That section required the Secretary of State to develop and maintain a registry of "distinguished women and minorities" who are available to serve on...


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