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Nevada Supreme Court Pragmatically Rules On Delivery Of Dissenters' Rights Notices

Last week, the Nevada Supreme Court answered the question of whether notice of dissenters' rights must be delivered to both stockholders of record and beneficial owners.

NRS 92A.410(2) provides that when a merger is effected without stockholder...

Are Your Secrets Safe With Your Accountant?

The California Board of Accountancy is over 100 years old, having been established in 1901.   In California, the accountants are governed by the Accountancy Act, which can be found in the Business and Professions Code (commencing with Section 5000)...

Commissioner Invites Comments On Adopting New Custody Rule

Investment advisers frequently have custody, either directly or indirectly, of their clients' assets.  Obviously, custody of another's assets can lead to infidelity.  In the word's of the satirist Juvenal, the question necessarily becomes "sed quis...

Three Moms Alleged To Have "Socked It To" PTA Members

Several news stories appeared this week about three Southern California mothers who allegedly used their involvement in an elementary school PTA to solicit investors in a Ponzi scheme.  According to this press release issued by the Los Angeles...

Be Careful What You Say When Breaking Up

CalPERS Renews State Street Custody Contract

If you break up with your spouse and then announce to the world that s/he is a liar and a cheat, you can expect to raise a few eyebrows if you later announce that you are renewing your vows.  This is akin...

Privilege and Work-Product

Imagine that one attorney, let's call her Ms. Bennett, has a client, Ms. Austen.  Ms. Bennett, of course, speaks with Ms. Austen.  Suppose, however, that Ms. Bennett also speaks with another attorney in her firm, Mr. Darcy, about Ms. Austen's case. ...

Court Of Appeal Reaffirms Lender's Refusal To Loan To LLC Based On Felonious Investor In Manager

In May, I wrote this post about a decision by the Second District Court of Appeal finding that a lender did not violate California's Unruh Civil Rights Act when it declined to make a loan to a limited liability company whose managing member included...

You Know It's A Really Tough Regulatory Environment When . . .

In this letter sent last June, the writer commiserated:

 " . . . the financial markets are more volatile and challenging than ever before.  Couple all of that with the burden of new rules and regulations, and it is apparent that it's getting harder...

Pipeline Pig Promise Produces No Prudhoe Pork For Plaintiff

What We've Got Here is A Failure to Pig 

In 2006, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. shut down its pipelines and oil production in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska after leaks were discovered in two of its pipelines. Both leaks resulted from internal corrosion due to...

Two Words To Add To Your Legal Vocabulary

Apparently, It's Ok To Argufy Before The Delaware Supreme Court

Yesterday, I received a notice from the Delaware Supreme Court informing me that a case in which one of my clients is a party has been called for argument.  The notice asked that the...


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