Strangers In A Strange Land - In California, Bumblebees, Crabs and Snails Are Fishes And A General Partnership May Soon Be A Corporation

In California, some things are not what they seem.  Here, a bumblebee, a crab or snail can be a fish, but a goldfish may not be a fish.  See California Believes Clams, Crabs and Bumblebees Are Fish, Does It Now Believe That Joshua Trees Are A Type Of...

What Type Of Crime Is Securities Fraud In California?

Section 25401 of the California Corporations Code, which was modeled on Section 12(a)(2) of the Securities Act of 1933, provides:

Criminal Conviction Of De Facto Officer Does Not Preclude D&O Coverage

After a two week trial in 2013, a jury convicted Mitchell J. Stein, a lawyer, of mail, wire, and securities fraud based on evidence that he fabricated press releases and purchase orders to inflate the stock price of his client Signalife, Inc., a...