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Compensation Committees – Whom Do You Represent?

Amongst the many, many, changes wrought by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act, is this requirement in Section 952(d)(1):  

"The compensation committee of an issuer, in its capacity as a committee of the board of directors,...

More on CalPERS’ Director Database Proposal

On Bastille Day, I posted this item about Gina Chon's article in The Wall Street Journal about the plans of the California Public Employees' Retirement System (aka CalPERS) to create a director database.   Today, Broc Romanek has posted an excerpt...

Section 2115: Beware of Double Counting

Many practitioners both in and outside of California struggle with Section 2115 of the California Corporations Code.  That statute purports to apply a laundry list of California statutes to out-of-state corporations to the exclusion of the law of...

What is a Venture Capital Fund? (Part II)

The Securities and Exchange Commission has established a procedure for commenting on rule proposals even before the proposals have been made.    I've already taken advantage of this procedure to submit this comment on with respect to the definition...

Placement Agent Bill to be Heard Today

Earlier this year, Assemblymember Edward Hernandez introduced AB 1743 to require placement agents who assist in obtaining business from California public retirement systems, such as CalPERS and CalSTRS, to register as lobbyists.  Although there are...

The Alter Ego Doctrine Yields Conflict of Interest

American journalist Ambrose Bierce defined a corporation in his The Devil's Dictionary as "an ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility".  The alter ego doctrine is one tool that the courts use to address a...

Furlough Fridays Once More

The State of California still has no budget and Governor Schwarzenegger has been stymied for the time being in reducing state workers to the federal minimum wage.  As reported by Shane Goldmacher in this Los Angeles Times story, Governor...

What is a Venture Capital Fund?

Section 407 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act creates a new exemption from federal registration for investment advisers if all their investment advice is limited to one or more "venture capital funds".  Congress,...

Golden State Private Placements

If you need a good summary of federal and state securities laws governing private offerings in California, Lee Petillon has written an excellent article for the 2010 Issue No. 2 of the Business Law NewsThe Business Law News is the official...

More About the Effectiveness of Section 413(a)

Yesterday, I wrote about the Compliance & Disclosure Interpretation ("C&DI") issued last week by the staff of the SEC's Division of Corporation Finance.  In the C&DI, the staff clearly takes the position that the exclusion of an investor's primary...


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